Panasonic TX-42GT30B flesh tone motion issues


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Aug 10, 2019
Having spent a fair while comparing sets in-store, and reading the reviews for the TV of 2011, I decided that the TX-42GT30B would be a good upgrade to my four year old Sony LCD; unfortunately I’m not totally convinced now I’ve got it at home…

Generally, motion and colours are handled wonderfully, but with one, sometimes very obvious, exception – flesh tones and large panning motions (sadly a scenario one sees quite a lot on TV/film!).

It happens regardless of source – be it Freeview (SD/HS) or even Blu-ray. What I see is the flesh tones juddering, and breaking down into red and green patches. It can sometimes be very obvious – so much so I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned during any reviews I’ve read.

Has anyone else witnessed this, and more interestingly, found a way to reduce/remove it?

My set is nicely configured, certainly a long way away from the excessively bright shop settings… It’s not even a month old though, so could running in be the issue here? (Though I’m sure I’ve seen it in the shop now I’ve gone back to check). The biggest culprit (for testing, not regular watching of course!) seems to be Eastenders on BBC1 HD.

Thanks guys, and girls.


Picture judder can be smoothed out by turning IFC on - not sure whether it'll help with your issue, but it's worth a try. I have it set to the medium setting in order to help with this and also reduce the double-imaging seen with 30fps console games. Setting it to max can make motion look odd though, so you'll have to experiment to see which setting you find acceptable.

I favour cinema mode with IFC on medium for most of my viewing and I don't see the problems you're describing on my 46GT30.

There are a number of issues with this set that may be worth looking into, although I'm sure you've probably come across them already if you've done your research thoroughly. Your problem doesn't sound like it's related to the 'green patches' issue currently plaguing the 2011 Panasonic sets, but it might be worth looking into the '50Hz' bug.

I can't remember the specific problems this causes but, IIRC, IFC may help with this also.


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Sep 13, 2007
I don't have this issue on my 42GT30 and it doesn't sound like standard picture judder to me either so any IFC setting probably won't help, what is more likely to help is getting the colour more accurate with a test disc and blue filter. Before doing this turn the colour down and see if the problem eases, if it's still present no matter what adjustment you make to the colour then it may point towards a potential issue with the tv.

I forced myself to watch some Eastenders on iPlayer earlier in HD (i can't watch soaps of any description due to their mind numbing qualities lol) just to make sure i had no instance of your issue but i had no issue atall.

As has been previously mentioned some issues have been raised with 2011 Panasonic plasmas but your issue seems so particular in nature that i would rule out all of those including the 50hz issue as potential culprits, i myself have had three faulty 42GT30 tvs, all with different issues before i received one that was fault free for example.

Of course it could be that the tv has yet to settle and that requires at least 200 hours of viewing before you can be sure the tv has had an adequate ammount of time to run in but what i would say is that as two other owners of this model have not encountered the issue then it's highly unlikely that the issue will disappear after more use.

If it was me in this position i would try any suggestios raised in this thread and if none were of any use i would contact the retailer to discuss a replacement.


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Nov 2, 2008
I bought this tv in November & fortunately haven't noticed the issues you are having.One of the reasons i kept putting off replacing my 36" CRT was the skin tone issue.I took the plunge with this set,skin tones are fine & the only very slight issue i have is when i'm watching football.I see a slight judder on the ball,but only when it is in the air so it's nothing major.

I might be inclined to see your dealer about it,i've seen sets with skin tone issues & it would drive me nuts if i had to watch tv like that day in day out.

You say that it's configured nicely.Have you made a lot of changes ?Colours etc.

My set is almost as it was out of the box,i have it on THX & i've made slight adjustments to contrast & brightness.I had a look at all the things that could be changed & thought,i don't think i'll bother,why fix something that isn't broken.

To be honest i didn't think i'd get a tv to match my CRT but this one does.

Hope you get it sorted,if you have made lots of changes have you thought about taking it back to factory settings.


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Nov 2, 2008
Maybe i should have touched wood before my first post.

This is a weird one.I recorded,Where Eagles Dare, a couple of days ago & watched it yesterday evening.There is a scene with Mary Ure entering a darkened room in the castle & the whole of my screen was covered with flickering green patches.She switches on the light & the green is gone & the picture is great.

There are other dark scenes of course & they were fine.This is the first time that i've noticed anything like this.


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