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Aug 10, 2019
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Greetings to you all. I finally was delivered the Panasonic LCD tv I had ordered right after new year's. Due to the fact that this model was sold out before Christmas, I did not have the chance to see it or evaluate it in real time. So I trusted you multiple excellent opinions on it an ordered it through the web. I opened the box, pulled it out, positioned and plugged in power and freeview antenna. Turned on and it automatically dowloaded and tuned in all analogue and digital DVB channels. A few settings to audio and video parameters and it was all done. Yesterday I connected the SKY SD decoder and watched Aeon Flux in TruSurround TX from the tv set... I must thank you for your work, for your passion, for beeing honest regardless of brands and fashions. This TV is great! Very impressive picture and sound quality for the dimensions and the LCD screen. I have seen many other LCD tvs but this Panasonic has a value added that is worth the price. If anybody still has doubts between Panasonic or Sony...


I love this TV. It's was good connected up to my Panasonic HDD recorder with DVD upscaling but it's AMAZING connected to my new PS3 watching Blu Ray movies.

I was tempted by the 37" plasma but I rest easy knowing that the LCD uses substantially less power and that prolonged PS3 gaming sessions won't introduce any screen burn. Also the sound on the 700 means I don't need a full home cinema surround sound set-up just yet which keeps my better half happy.