Panasonic TH50PZ700 vs Panasonic TH50PZ70B


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi All,

I need some advice about's about 300 pounds cheaper than the 700 and as far as I can see (source panasonic's website: ) it has 1 hdmi less but has a higher contrast ratio (10'000 vs 5'000).
I don't mind having a hdmi less if in terms of picture quality they are the there anyone who can help me understanding if the 700 is worth the 300 pounds more or not?

Thanks a Lot!


According to the reviews of both sets in What Hi-Fi, they both have excellent performance with pictures, but the PZ700 performs better with audio. However, the opinion of the reviewers was that the PZ700 is not significantly better overall than the PZ70 to warrant the extra money (although at the time of review I think the difference in price may have been slightly more than £300). For this reason, the PZ70 received a 5 star rating whereas the PZ700 only received 4 stars, despite it still being a stunning tv. Also, I should add, the improved sound quality with the PZ700 may not even matter if you are planning to use a multichannel receiver (or even a stereo hi-fi). Having seen both sets in action personally, I am in agreement with the What Hi-Fi reviewers in that PZ700 isn't really worth the extra money because, the picture quality is basically the same as the cheaper model, and again, the improved audio performance may not be an issue for you whatsoever. If it was up to me I would almost certainly go for the PZ70 (unless I had money to burn and I prefered the styling of the more expensive PZ700 - actually, I reckon they are both very good looking tvs). Anyway Madsheep I'm sure you will enjoy whichever set you choose.


Hi Benjamin,

Thanks a lot for your reply.
Yes I read the review on whathifi but at that time the difference between the 2 was 1200£ that's why I was wondering if with a far smaller price difference the pz700 would have been the winner against pz70b.
Moreover the pz700 better sound capabilities don't bother me at all as I will buy a multichannel speaker system anyway.
So I will definitively go for pz70b, thanks again for your suggestion


hi guys

I had exactly the same question which you have answered fully - thanks for your help!