Panasonic PZ700; 24fps - works properly or not?


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Aug 10, 2019
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In the big screen tv group test in the February 2008 issue, it says that the Panasonic 50PZ700 cannot properly display 24fps - displaying it only in one corner of the screen. However, in the 2007 awards issue, in the review for the 42" version of the set - Panasonic 42PZ700 - it says that the tv is compatible with 24fps. So, does the 42" version handle 24fps, while the 50" does not handle such material? Could someone from the mag clear this up for me? Cheers.


I might as well add that the quote in the review for the 42PZ700 (2007 awards issue) was "...motion is smooth courtesy of the Panasonic's 24fps support..."

Anyway, I would very much appeciate if someone gave me an answer to this.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Both sets are different - we had no problem with the 42in with 24fps support (not native, but superlative picture processing and ability to receive a 24fps feed), but it's not the case with the 50in model (which has been a four-star model since we first tested it back in our September 2007 isue).

This is a clear case of what i've mentioned here many times - just because a TV is in the same range, it doesn't mean it'll behave the same way at different screen-sizes.

In some cases TV ranges are near-identical; in others, there've been notable differences: that's why we try and review as many models in a line-up as possible.


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