Panasonic P37X10 vs L37S10 vs L37G10 - some advice needed!


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Aug 10, 2019
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Some help required here folks! In the market for a 37” TV and Panasonic has emerged as my manufacturer of choice. My choice lies, at the moment, between the P37X10, the L37S10 and the L37G10.

The panels may look like a very strange toss-up – they are on opposite ends of the price scale, one is 720p and one is 1080p – but these are the two that seem to get the best write ups. The S10 gets an excellent write-up here (obviously!) but apparently has issues with colour balance...?

The room itself is quite big and lets a large amount of light in.

I’ll be sitting about 4-5 feet away when watching Blu-ray, which will be the sets main job. Other seating positions are further away, but 37” is the maximum I’m allowed to get away with! A significant factor is that my living quarters may be downscaled in the next 6 months or so, so the viewing distance will likely be nearer 4-6 feet for everyone.

I’d like some advice about the sets and, specifically, whether you think the G10 is worth the extra cash over the other two or the sacrifice of 1080p for the plasma is worth it? Thanks!


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Apr 15, 2008
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The L37G10 has freesat, not sure if you'd be interested in that. but if you are that would be my choice out the three.

Also if you are sitting in a brightly lit room & your main viewing is blu-ray i'd cross the 37X10 off your list.


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Aug 19, 2008
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We chose the X10 because it is used more for SD rather than HD. Both S10 and G10 provide a sharper image in HD but we thought it impacted SD performance too much to make it worthwhile for our use.

Had we the cash I would have considered the V10 as the SD was reasonable and the HD stunning but at £450 the X10 is hard to beat :)

The only HD we've used on the X10 is Xbox360 gaming which looked very good and close to our main 50". However I suspect this is not truely representative of Blue-ray.

Of the various shops with TV's to view I found John Lewis offer the most reliable in-store comparison.


Thanks for the advice guys. The G10 is still my preferred choice but the price is quite steep! I was wondering if I did decide to economise and go for the S10 whether the difference in quality (in Blu-ray especially) would be that great?