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Aug 10, 2019
Hi Folks,

I've got a budget of £700 and want to buy a 37" TV.

I used the guide in the mag (from Nov 08 I think) which showed a 32" or 37" would be the best size for my room.

The 2 main sets I'm considering are the Panasonic TX-L37S10B and the Sony KDL-37V5500. I've been around the shops trying to see them for myself but am struggling to find a high street retailer for the Sony.

The picture on other Sony models always seem to catch my eye compared to other brands so I'm leaning towards the Sony. The Panasonic got a good review in this months mag but there's not much out there about the Sony.

TV will mostly be used with standard def SKY+ box. I have an upscaling DVD player too but this is not used anywhere near as much as the SKY+ box.

No forseeable plans to upgrade to SKY HD. The sound quality is not a consideration as I'm outputting via digital to a Denon AVR.

I'd appreciate any opinions.



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Nov 23, 2007
Hi and welcome to the forums.Well you have done the sensible thing based on room size and picked out some models based on revues. The only advice that can really be offered is for you to see the TVs working for yourself. Let your eyes decide as its you who has to watch it. At the end of the day its down to your personal opinion and what you feel happy and comfortable with.


Head down to Richer Sounds if you can. They have the very latest Panasonic Plasma's in stock @ 42" the TXP42C10 at just £500!!


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