Panasonic LXD700 Judder


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Aug 10, 2019
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Despite all reports I read from other owners and reviews of the LXD700, mine judders on slowish pans (left-right or up/ down) when viewing Blu Ray films from my PS3. I have the PS3 set to output 1080P and 24FPS and there appears no difference in the smoothness whether I turn 24FPS off or on.

Is it possible there's an issue with my LXD700? Apart from this major niggle, its been a great TV. But HD was the reason for getting it and I couldn't physically fit a bigger TV in my lounge.

Motion is smooth (swirly smoke scenes, explosions etc look great), but pans seem awful. My wife doesn't notice it (says its my eyes!, but to me, its like you could do with inserting more frames.

I am getting desperate to solve this one, as I've spent around £1000 on the two, and I dread having parted with what is a lot of money to me and not be satisfied with the result.


Agreed my Pany does exactly the same thing, i hope there is a fix for this.


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