Panasonic DVD Theatre System SC-PT460


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Aug 10, 2019
I cannot play my older tv dvd's in their correct ratio (4.3). Will only play in 16.9. I have looked through the manual and gone through all of the R/C indexes, but cannot find how to adjust it.

Any ideas?

p.s. my PS3 plays them fine, although I cant enlarge the picture.

I have a Sony 37W5500 lcd, and that only seems to show widescreen, zoom and smart modes. I can't seem to call up the 4.3 mode. Maybe that's where the problem lies?



There seems to be no adjustment in the panasonic sc-pt460 regarding this matter, so yes the only way of correcting this would have been left upto your tv to have a auto mode and also be able to display a 4:3 picture. You mentioned that the tv does not have this? which i find a little strange as every tv i have encountered has a 4:3 mode on it? have you tried one of the smart modes? i think this could also be classed as a alternative to "auto", give it a go and see what happens.

The only other thing could be is that its the panasonic, i know they have a menu on the dvd recorders that you can set so when a 4:3 image is displayed, that the player would show it in its native screen size but this mode seems like it never was included on a cinema system.

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Thanks Panny, for the info.

ps, Read a review on amazon regarding the same problem, but with the latest version, and what you have to do is go into the set-up menu and enter your type of screen from 16.9 to 4.3. This allows you to watch 4.3, but also plays your other dvd's in their normal widescreen. The only problem is that you still can't enlarge to 14.9.


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