Panasonic DMP-BBT01 - one of the most stylish players in the market?

Found this very interesting player from Panasonic.

It definitely wins hands down in the looks department. Apparently, it is the same player as the DMP-BDT320 in a different clothing.

Any chance of a review WHF?


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Nov 15, 2010
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Hello me again and yes sorry to jump your post but no one at What Hi Fi will answer me, so I will keep trying :)

And while we are at it - are you guys going to be reviewing the DMP-500 and if so when ?

For what it's worth and to bring some relevance to the post - I think the 500 is the most stylish Blu Ray player out there at the moment - it oozes class.
Review now here:

So going by this review, is it fair to say that the only difference between the Panasonic 320 & the 220 is the features list & not performance? The BBT-01 shares its components & features with the Panasonic 320, with a performance similar to 220.


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