Panasonic 50PZ70E 24p judder


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a 50PZ70 and is almost pleased with it. Its a little bit annoying with 24p judder.

Is there any differnce inputing 24hz or 60hz via the hdmi ?
Does the pz70 do a better pulldown job than my HTPC ?
I dont have the option in vista to put it in 24hz on my asus p5e-vm hdmi main board. I tried DTD calculator register hack but it dont seems to work in Vista SP1.

Mosquito nr should also help it to be more judder free. I cant see much of difference turning it from off to max. So whats the deal with that mosquito setting ?

Is there any software out there who can do a 4% speedup so the judder will go away ? (Im probably used to 4% speed up from PAL anyway) Cheers


I'm not sure what you actually mean. I'm confused about what source you are using - are you using a media centre pc? I don't know what you mean by HTPC...

The 50PZ70's processing does a much better pulldown job than just about any other processor. If your media pc outputs at 60Hz, and you are using it to view films then a pulldown is taking place somewhere, as films are natively 24Hz. This pulldown process is probably being done in your media pc, and is probably causing the judder that you are noticing. Speeding up a 60Hz feed by 4% will not get rid of the judder! What I think you mean is if you could have your pc speed up the 24Hz content by 4%, etc to output at 50Hz instead of it doing a pulldown to output 60Hz. With a media pc with lots of memory then I'm sure that this is possible (a Blu-ray player wouldn't be able to do this because the disc reading process wouldn't be able to keep up with what is being output - with the output being 4% faster! Unless the actual disc reading process was sped up!). Having said that, I don't know much about media pcs so this one is for someone else to answer.


Thanx for your reply.

HTPC is just short for Home Theater Personal Computer. Just like a normal pc.

Its very intresting that PZ70 should do a better pulldown job than my pc. Just need to fix my output to 24hz. Im looking forward to see the results. The theory about the 4% speedup is that it remove judder at 50hz as this is a normal conversion on PAL movies. There should be possible to do this in software, but there is no software available for this probably.


With regards to having your media pc simply speed up 24Hz content to 25Hz in order to output at 50Hz (as opposed to doing a pulldown to convert 24Hz into 60Hz) - it isn't a matter of "can the pc do this?" It's a matter of "does the software necessary to do this actually exist?"

And to that question I do not know the answer, I'm afraid. I just haven't got the knowledge of or experience with these kind of systems.