Panasonic 42THPZ70 Picture Quality


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Aug 10, 2019

Got myself a nice new 42 pana PZ70, now i don't know if its down to my settings somewhere or what but I have some picture issues. My setup is as follows ... I have a denon 1740 connected via a QED HDMI cable up to my AVR 3808 which in turn is conencted via another QED HDMI cable to the tv. I have have a PC with an ATI HD2400 gfx card connected with a good quality dvi to hdmi cable also to the amp and I have the amp set to upscale all HDMI inputs to 1080p..

Now I get two different types of issues, firstly when I play a dvd from my sata dvdrw on the pc (1740 is not multiregion :((( ) I get a somewot grainy picture in certain scenes.... I also have a few HD trailers which i'm testing from the PC which has a very nice picture except in certain scenes I see some sort of slightly blocky texturing on certain walls in the background for example... and finally (phew) I noticed with a couple of animated dvds (shrek, finding nemo) played via the dvd player that the images where lacking a bit of sharpness when played.

Please help :)


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Dec 22, 2007
I can't comment on the pana or the denon but HD Trailers such as the ones you can download from Apple, can contain "blocking" due to the relatively low bitrates used to keep the filesize down.


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