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Aug 10, 2019
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I have just purchased a Panasonic 26LXD70 and am very pleased at the crisp and detailed picture. I have Sky and DVD through the set and also through a surround sound system (Yamaha AMP and B&W speakers). I have noticed, however, when the soundtrack goes quite (whether DVD or Sky) that a slight buzzing sound can be heard from the set. Upon investigating, the source appears to be the electric current. Is it normal for this to be heard so prominently, and can this sound be reduced through a mains block/conditioner?

Any advice would be most welcome.


You shouldn't be able to hear a buzzing sound from normal viewing distance.

What setting do you have ie. Cinema;Dynamic;Auto or Normal?


Hi Bugs, I had the LMD70 for about a month before changing it for the LXD70. I did notice the buz that you are talking about on the LMD70, and it did annoy me, but since I was swapping the TV for the LXD anyway, I just put up with it. My LXD70 doesn't (touch wood) make any unwanted noises.

The buzz seemed to come from the power board or backlight board inside the TV. I think that the LXD70 which I have now has a newer design of power supply board since it no longer makes the buzzing noise, and also when I now turn it off you can here a relay click once (like on CRT TVs/monitors) as the TV shuts down, the LMD that I had did not do this. I have to admit that the relay sound is kind of reassuring.

If the noise is really annoying you and the TV is still fairly new, then I think you should probably try and get an exchange.


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