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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi everyone. A question from a newbie...

Our venerable Tatung CRT TV recently went pop, and we're thinking of taking the plunge and getting an LCD TV. We don't want a larger set than 26in as our living room isn't very large (12ft x 11.5ft) and we're likely to be watching from between 2.5 to 3m from the screen. Also we're unlikely to be watching mega-blockbuster movies with loads of special effects, or sport, or playing any games with xboxes and the like.

We've looked at the Panasonic 26in LMD70 and LXD70 sets, and are tempted to go for an LMD70. We know the LXD has a higher contrast ratio than the LMD (8500:1 compared to 7000:1) but is there any advantage in this at the 26in size ? Do any posters own a 26in LMD70, and if so, what do they think of it ?

Any helpful advice welcomed - thanks !



Hi Geoff - have gone for the 26LXD70, the 100hz refresh rate is not available on the LMD model - have seen it in action in John Lewis, etc and it makes a lot of difference for fast moving images - such as sport or action movies

On size - I've gone for the 26" as any more would dominate my room (have a terraced 3 bed house) and watch from about 2.5m away. Also any larger could imact viewing clarity and increase the pixelated effect you sometimes see on larger TVs.

In reviews the 26" has got better reviews for Standard Definition picture than its larger 32" sibling - maybe due to size ? Google reviews and you'll find out


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