Pana 42PX70 vertical green line. Advice, please!


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Oct 26, 2007
On Weds eve, a vertical, full-length, thin green line suddenly appeared in the centre of my Pana 42PX70's screen. Swapped sources - BDP, PS3, PVR - & it was present with all. Ergo, it's the TV that's at fault. (BTW, it's 2 years, 4 months old.)

Typing 'Panasonic 42PX70 vertical green line' into Google reveals that it's not an uncommon fault. Seems that if one takes their (large & f-ing heavy) PX70 to a Pana 'service agent', then Pana will cover the cost of a replacement/upgraded panel, however, the punter invariably has to pay the labour cost of £140 + VAT. Hmm.

All of which is a major load of Sod's Law, cos I was about to sell the PX70 to a chum & upgrade to either a Philips 47PFL7404 or a Pana TX-P46G15. (Somehow, the former suddenly seems a tad more attractive than the latter...)

Curiously, on Thurs eve the green line had disappeared & all's well again, to date.

Has the TV 'cured itself' or is the green line likely to return (on Christmas day, natch)?



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Nov 14, 2007
I had something similar in my TV when a quarter of the screen went blurry (it was Panna). Engineer said it is a common trait- something to do with the joins on the circuits and bad connections etc. My problem cured itself but returned and it went on in this cycle for over a few months until I got it repaired.. It sounds like your problem is similar. The fact that the line is in the middle suggests some sort of connection error.

hope this helps


Hi, I had the exact same problem, althouh i now have 5 vertical lines. I contacted panasonic, and spoke with there service centre who confirmed that it is a panel fault and that the panel needs replaced. AGain i could get this done with a charge of £150 to cover labour costs, however considering it was 2 years 5 months old and i have no where but my living room to put it i decided just to upgrade to a new one.

Obviously i looked around and settled on the philips 47pfl8404 but it's safe to say at the rather poor attitude of the service centre (by that i mean it was a common fault according to him and he had had to redo many and i still was expected to pay £150 ) i wouldn't rush to buy another panasonic.


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