Pairing an amp and floorstanding speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm looking at purchasing one of the following amps:

Yamaha RX-V471

Yamaha RX-V671 (Is this worth the extra the V471)

Denon AVR-1912

Onkyo TX-NR609

And one of the following floorstanding speakers:

Klipsch F-10

Polk Audio TS1300

Usage will be 80% music and 20% movies. Does anyone with any experience with these systems and speakers know which is a good choice and which is a good pairing. Other suggestions are welcome, however it's unlikely I'll be able to choose anything other than what's listed due to the limited stock in my area.

Also it may be worth noting that I heard a quick demo of both speakers in a very noisy crowded shop and I preferred the Klipsch but it wasn't a lot to go off considering the demo was all of 20 seconds long and it was hard to hear.

Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


These are all A/V receivers, not purely dedicated to music, though all three brands are fairly quoted for their musical skills... And yes, the Yam RXV671 is worth the extra investment. But I'd say any of those you mentionned should be quite okay, taking in account the said limitations you have. Just try to skip the RXV471 - my advice.

To avoid any deception, stick with the sound you liked most. Polk and Klipsch are quite different makes, and I'd rely on Klipsch to try and camouflage any flaws with the receiver you'll choose... Still, if you have a chance to demo both again in quieter settings, that would be best.

The source you'll play your music on might become crucial in any way. Perhaps try and order a good CDp, or DAC if you do more streaming. If you own and use any iOS or Android device for music, perhaps you should crosscheck the receivers for the best accomodation in that matter... I know for sure Yamaha is not the best start out there in this area. Again, a good demo with your own device as a source could be critical... and finding lossless files... and I think you should read carefully about every receiver on the official website, and here, if the information you are getting at the shop is incomplete or misleading.

Good luck!


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