Pairing a MA GX 300 with a Roksan Caspian M2


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Aug 10, 2019
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I would like to have some advise regarding a combination of the Roksan M2 2 Integrated Amplifier with two Monitor Audio GX 300 speakers. Does the amplificator (85 W) is enouph to power the speakers (Recommended Amplifier Requirements (W): 100 - 200)
Does the new power amplifier from Roksan (from the same serie m2 Caspian) will help to improve significantly the whole system ?
Thanks in advances for your advice.



I Forgot to put the specification of the 2 items:

Monitor audio GX 300:Sensitivity (dB) : 90Nominal Impedance (ohms): 8Maximum SPL (dBA): 116.8Power Handling - RMS (W): 200 Recommended Amplifier Requirements (W): 100 - 200
Roksan Caspian M2 Integrated Amplifier:Output Power: 85 Watts, into 8Ω both channels driven Current Output: 60 Amps Peak to PeakDamping Factor: 160 (8)ΩFrequency Response: -3dB, <1Hz – 90kHzGain:40dB Overall (Pre & Power)9.3dB Preamplifier30.7dB Power AmplifierHarmonic Distortion 0.002% 1kHz, 0.015% 20kHz 10W - 8Ω 0.0025% 1kHz, 0.03% 20kHz 50W - 8ΩSignal to Noise Ratio: Line 108dBa (ref. 500mV) 85dBa (ref. 1W, 8Ω)
Hi Ericz

The M2 amplifier has got sufficient quantity (unless you're after constant disco like levels) and quality of power to be partnered with gold GX300's :) Adding the matching power amp and bi-amping the Gold GX300's will only take the performance to an even higher level.

All the best

Rick @ Musicraft



I´ve demoed the Roksan Caspian M2 with Monitor Audio GX300 in a distributor in the north of Portugal. I also heard the Primare I32 with the same speakers.

I really liked the sound of the roksan and I think it can play the GX300, anyway, everybody says that a little more power would be better.

The diference between the Roksan and the Primare was that the Roksan had a warmer sound, the Primare had a more "raw" sound. The primare has 120w at 8 ohms but they sounded more or less the same power to me.

For rock music I prefered the Roksan sound... In terms of sound besides, the dealer was always mentioning the advantages of the Primare, I left the demo with the feeling that I prefered the Roksan sound. Maybe because I already have a "Raw sound Myself.

But you should listen yourself... Never buy without listening It with your music...



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May 2, 2010
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I can't believe that an M2 integrated on its own would be a good long term bet with the MAs.

ThE Amp would be at its limits, or else the speakers really won't be seen at their best. Maybe bi-amped with a power amp, not sure id bother even demoing without it.


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