Over ear headphones suggestions?


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi guys,

Im currently travelling around australia and have taken most of my music with me, but i didnt bring a decent pair of headphones as i never listened to music on my iphone as it went through my B&W 685 :cry: and the skullcandies i have are rubbish...falling apart. I liked them at the time and thought they would do but after a little time...things have changed. Ive looked around here in aus and there isnt much selection here really...all seems to bedre beats which i think are a tad base heavy. I looked for the AKG 450 but they dont sell them here and apparently the cable snaps easily(from what ive read online). Im just looking for a decent pair that wont break and i dont mind spending the money on them as im ganna have to get them sent to me hear via my home in the uk. Any help would be great.

thank you


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Nov 26, 2010
If you want a well built folding headphone with a detachable cable for traveling, I would recommend the Bose OE2i. I love mine. The bass is about halfway between Senheiser closed backs and some beats I would say. Bose warranty is great as well.
The Bose, as suggested are good. However, I would also suggest for a similar price the Audio Technica ES7 or cheaper their ATH-ES55 headphones. Both very good and getting good reviews. If you can find them over there, that is!


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Feb 7, 2009
Not sure what your budget is, but I've owned quite a few headphones including the top of the line Shures, the Senn 650 and the AKG K702. For much less money I prefer the Grado 225i. The Grado has almost as much transparency as teh AKG with much better bass. A more balanced presentation than the others. The Grado is a steal. If you can't afford the 225s, the 125s are also excellent. Highly recommend.


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