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Aug 10, 2019
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I am building a roof garden and so want to have some outdoor speakers. My set up will be an Apple Express box plugged into a Rotel amp (RA-971MKII) which will all be in a waterproof box on the roof with power. I don't want to spend much on these speakers, say £100 to £150 max.

I have not found many reviews but the Yamaha NSAW570 seems to come out well. I can't however find anywhere to buy them except US sites where they are all over the place at a good price. On UK sites they only offer the NSAW 592 which one review said they did not think was so good.

So - anybody know where to get the 570? Do you agree that there better than the 592. Are there any other brands I should consider instead?

Also - what do I need to look out for to make sure they will work / won't blow up, with the amp I'm going to use?

Finally, any advice on what outdoor cable I should use and how much should I spend on the 3.5 to RCA sockets (I may have got this wrong) and does it matter if I plug into CD/AUX/Tunner etc.

Many thanks for any help.



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For outdoor speakers I use the Monitor Audio Climate 10. These are over your current budget though but do come up on ebay. I got mine for about £100. They sound very good but a bit bass shy.

I would consider the Acoustic Energy Extreme 5 (be aware these are sold as a single or a pair so do check).

As for the amp, I would ensure it is not in a sunny location or it may overheat.

I just use standard speaker cables with mine, nothing special.

Persoanlly I would use a standard 3.5mm to RCA connection like THIS.

It will not matter what input you use as long as it is not PHONO.


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