Original Quad 22 mono set and electrostatic speaker advice


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Mar 16, 2008
Had a bit of a gumtree find today. Now the proud owner of a vintage quad mono set up consisting of 22 mono valve amp, 22 mono control unit, FM tuner and ESL-57 electrostatic speaker. The amps etc are branded 'Acoustical' not Quad its that early, 1950's vintage. Everything works, amp needs a little tlc but fully functioning and tubes are not as old as the amp theyve obviously been replaced at some point. got the original manuals and some correspondence the previous owner had with quad as well.

ALL OF IT FOR £250 !!!

My question is are these early mono pre amps and tuners still worth anything, I know the 22 valve amp is highly sought after as are the speakers. And also does anyone know a good owners site etc that has guides to cleaning these things up?


Sounds like a find indeed, just wondering if you found that lot in Milton Keynes as my Dad has this exact setup in his loft! (22 pre, II mono amps, FM1 mono tuner & ESL57s).

From what I've read and heard, the 22 pre is not rated much, and the FM tuner if mono isn't either. The amps are the most sought after components. The last time I listened to this setup is sounded great so if your intention was to "clean them up" as you say in order to enjoy listening to them, it doesn't matter a jot how sought after they are, just sit back and enjoy an amazing sound for £250!


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