Optical cable dilema!


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Aug 10, 2019
Just need a little advice here really. I've had sky + installed today which is connected to my tv [ sony kdl32w4000 ] via a qed scart lead. Now here lies the dilema. Although the picture isnt too bad, am i right in thinking that a video only sqart will improve the picture? Also, if this is the case, am i right in thinking that video only means picture only, and therefore i would need an optical digital cable for sound ? The case continues............ If i do, do i connect the optical to my sony [ yes, it does have an optical input ], or to my onkyo 606? Do i really need to power my onkyo, [ and connected kefs ], when my lounge isnt that big? Im thinking that i might feel more privaleged if i used my home cinema system for blu-rays only. Does anyone out there feed their sky+ optical direct to their tv? All opinions are welcome!


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Aug 27, 2008
Hi Coletti. I dont have skymyself but my dad has sky+ connected to a pioneer 500a

He originally used an Ixos scart (around 40 quid) which was good. But fitting a Russ Andrews 'picture only' scart made quite an improvement (So much so the pioneer service guy said hed never seen sky look as good). The downside being its about 120 quid!

You dont have to use optical for sound if you tv accepts phonos (But of course you need to connect the optical to your amp for 5.1surround sound)


Don't think the missus would be happy with 120 quid, but my main dilema is whether to buy an optical cable or not. Yes my tv has phono imputs, but also an optical imput.Would i still get digital sound? I assumed optical meant digital, and therefore better?


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Dec 28, 2007
I'm not sure if you can get any 5.1 broadcasts through standard Sky+, but you might as well hook the optical into the Onkyo and take advantage of the superior sound the Onkyo + KEFs will give you. It will be much better than the TV speakers.

And yes, generally a video only RGB cable will give a better picture - I used a QED Squart cable (like this one) and the results were head and shoulders above any of the standard Scart cables you get.


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