Opinions required re: buying a new system


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have turned into my parents. It's official. Having taken the piss out of my own parents for years over their ancient 1970's 'music centre' I now find my teenage kids abusing me over my 19 year old JVC system which finally gave up the ghost this week.

So, I'm in the market for a completely new system that ideally does everything and does it wirelessly. Having taken a brief look at the market the Philips WACS7500 seemed to fit all my requirements, but the What Hi Fi review was pretty dire and has put me off. With this in mind have any of you got any alternatives or suggestions as to what I should be looking at? I'm no expert so would value any advice and am open to ideas.

Please don't take the piss - you'll turn into your parents as well one day.


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Sep 6, 2007
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Could you give us an idea of what music you listen to?

Whats your budget

Are you after a full seperates system (i.e. amp, CD player, turntable, speakers, speaker stands, speaker cable, interconnect etc...) OR are you after an 'all in one' system so to speak?

Whats your listening room like? Is it straight forward for placement of speakers and the system or is it a little awkward? How's it furnished?

Sorry for all the questions but more answers means more responses!


I see the phillips is a bit of a life style product that acts as a media centre and then other units stream music off the hub (i presume based in the living room)

The reason the review said it sucked is because the sound quality from such a unit would be poor and then add the wireless distribution of the music would only make matters worse IMO.

If you are limited on space I could see the idea behind such a system but im fairly sure if you have room for a seperates system and a couple of standmounted speakers youd never want a such a system again, especially as you seem to have a decent budget of £600+ (cost of phillips system)


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