Opinions on AV Rec / Speaker combinations please...


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Aug 10, 2019
I need some expert advice designing / purchasing my first HT around a Pioneer 500A Plasma, Panasonic DMP-BD80 & Wii. I have been offered a bargain price on a Onkyo SR876 AV Reciver which I understand is a pretty big powerful unit from last year. The speakers I like so far are KEF 3005SE or Wharfedale Diamond 10.7(front), 10c(centre) & 9SR(rear) with a Velodyne CHT10Q sub. I'm not concened whether floor standing or compact speakers. The living room is big open plan in an L shape with open hallway at one
end. Had limited time to browse the stores here in Singapore and have
only a general knowledge of the technicalities of AV recievers,
speakers and the like.

1. Is the SR876 overkill or too powerful for the little KEF speakers?

2. Should I wait for the new Yamaha RX-V465 receiver to come out here next month. Or consider another receiver / speaker combination?


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Nov 15, 2008
The 876 will handle the Kefs or Wharfedales no problem and in fact, the Kef's would benefit from some beefier amplification. The 876 will be a far better amp than the Yamaha which should be considered to be a budget model, no more. I'm sure it's a fine receiver but it's not in the same company as the Onkyo.

How did the Wharfedale's sound and what was the finish like?


Thanks d4v3 advice much appreciated. My budget won't quite stretch to the Onkyo NR906 so will go for this 876. On my travels yesterday I also listened to Jamo S606 HCS6, Morel MkII's and some Pioneer and Yamaha speakers (did not take model no's) . Only the KEF's and Wharfedales really left an impression on me. The WD's sounded amazing watching a action movie scene (Transformers) and then acoustic guitar from a CD in a small sound room. To be honest I did not take a close look at the finish of them. The 10's were in black vinyl I think. I was more taken by the sound performance. Any other AV / Speakers combo's in this rough price bracket you would suggest listening to?


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Apr 22, 2008
If your room is quite large, you might find 'traditional' loudspeakers work better - especially for music - than the Kefs. It has been quite common, I believe, for owners to replace the Kef sub, which is less effective in a large space.

I don't think that the Wharfedale 10s are available over here until the summer, but I have very positive experience of the 9s, which are satellites in my work set-up in an 8m x 8m room with quite a high ceiling.



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