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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all, wondering if anyone can help.

I went into my local Sevenoaks today looking at picking up the new Kef 3005SE and the Onkyo TX SR875.

I said that i had been following them both in the mag for the past few months and felt dead set on getting them both.

The guy was saying that although the mag rates on sound and vision it doesn't give you an overall picture on say customer support; for example if the machine (Onkyo) went up the wall then because they are a smallish company and are not too big over here that maybe you could end up waiting ages to get it fixed and stuff like that - he wasn't sure overall on Onkyo and was recommending the Denon 2808.

Has anyone had any experience with having a problem with an Onkyo product or any issue with one which needed their support or maybe What HiFi mag writers if you know what Onkyo after sales is like?

Actually as i'm writing this i just remembered something else he said - he said later on they (Sevenoaks) only stock quality products and as they had a Onkyo 605 on display then surley it must be a 'quality' product!!

It left me a bit confused and so i didn't order anything so i could research a bit more.

So any help would be great



Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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It beggars belief that salesmen still trot out his combination of hearsay and rumour - after all, he just lost a very serious sale. Yes, I'd never buy a Ford because a mate had a problem with the propshaft in a 1972 Cortina...

So I guess since they were stocking the 605 they must think the aftersales service on that is fine, and it's not there because it's an Award-winner, and thus an easy sale...

Next time, ask him how many people work for Denon UK. Or indeed Onkyo's Europe's UK office, or Marantz UK. Or Pioneer GB, or NAD, or any other company you might mention apart from the likes of Panasonic or Sony, both of whom seem to have far too many people every time we want someone to make a decision on review samples (!).

Buy with confidence. You were right in the first place.


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