Onkyo TX-SR605 Receiver & Mission 78 Series

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Hi Folks, My Denon 3802 has finally waved it's white flag and given up...a hissing from the front left speaker and an bang from the rear left before the channel completely gave up. May we please have a minutes silence for this legendary receiver! Ok now the sentimental part is over, this has given me the excuse I need to upgrade my receiver to one capable of performing with the future sound formats. I am quite interested in Onkyo's offerings but does anyone know if the TX-SR605 (o TX-SR606 if I wait) are capable enough to drive the Mission 78 series (782, 78C and 780) speakers. Will I be asking too much of the amp. Also will it have as much drive as my Denon 3802 or am I better off going for the slightly more powerful TX-SR705. I'm looking for more 'sparkle' than my Denon but without sacrificing muscle. Also would the Onkyo be an improvement musically to the Denon (movies are the priority though). Any help is much appreciated. Thanks John


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