Onkyo TX-SR605 downgrades analogue component to 720p


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi Guys,

I see a lot of praise here and in your mags for the Onkyo range. I'm in the process of selecting an amp for my little apartment in Hong Kong. I plan on attaching the KEF KHT3005 and a Denon 1940 DVD player for the time being until, blueray, HD audio sort themselves out.

After a bit of research I stumbled on a unfortunate quirk of the 605 that dosen't seem to make a mention here.

Apparently if the 605 receives 1080i signal via analogue component it down converts to 720p if you are displaying via HDMI. If it receives a 1080p signal via component it CANT DISPLAY AT ALL via HDMI. (I would have thought the latter was a pretty big deal given the amount of devices folks are plugging in these days)

Cnet review makes mention of this down the bottom: http://reviews.cnet.com/av-receivers/onkyo-tx-sr605-silver/4505-6466_7-32430580.html

I'll assume that cnet is accurate in their description (as i'm sure Onkyo would have picked up on it by now).

Question is has anyone, or is anyone currently using the system in a downcoverted mode and can you see a significant difference? Some HK forums are not very kind and recommend you plug directly from the DVD player to the TV. With only two HDMI inputs i'm sure there are folks out there doing this...

I'd appreciate your thoughts, this may actually sway me get the more expensive 875 or perhaps look at another brand like the Yamaha RX 1800, Denon 2808 or Marantz SR7001.



mate trust me the 605 is amazing for pic quality through hdmi


Hi Nigeltree.

Are the Onkyo range popular in Hong Kong ? As you wrote they are popular here in the UK, albeit some people are concerned about the abnormally high running temperature of the units that may shorten the life of electronic components used.

How are they received in Hong Kong ?


Hi, I'd say yes, They are prevalent in many of the stores and the higher 875 is usually available to listen to in the show room. Denon is the other brand which is preferred for movies.


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