onkyo tx sr 606


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Aug 10, 2019
guys i really need some help i have been building an affordable home cinema system for some time i have recently purchased a onkyo tx sr606 receiver (i know its old) through this i am running my samsung d6100 3d tv a ps3 sky+ hd and would like to use my sony vpl hs2 projector but its not hd but the picture is good enough for our small flat and really don't want to change it... it has a sony "pj multi" lead into s video but i really need it to be hdmi is there a convertor that would enable me to do this??? any and all advice would be grand thanks in advance jj


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Dec 13, 2010
Looking at the instruction manual for that projector its actually capable of 720p/1080i resolutions, effectively making it HD ready.

There is a cable (SIC-HS40),which hopefully you should be able to find for around £25 includinfg delivery from a certain auction site, which connects to the multi input on your projector providing s-video, composite and more importantly component input cables. Your Onkyo 606 amp has the ability to output via component so using this cable should allow you to access 720p/1080i video which will be a big step up in quality over svideo.


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