Onkyo TX-605,Marantz Dv7001,Montior audio BR2AV or KEF KHT2005-2


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi,i have been reading your magazine for about 6 months now and i am away to build my first home cinema system!! at the moment i only have the tele tho!!which is a sony kdl2000w which i bought on your recomandation!!and i think is great!!

recently i thought i had everything sorted but now am not so sure!!!!i was going to buy the marantz DV7001, onkyo tx-605 and the monitor audio br2av!!! i know you prefer the tannoy mercury f1 speakers but i choose the monitors as their rear speakers are wall mount and that is where my problem lies!!! you are allways talkin about speaker positioning and my room is quite small and is also rectangular! it measures 3.5 m by 5.0 m and now am thinking that i just wouldn't be able to position all the speakers correctly in a room this size and shape!!!! now am maybe thinking that these speakers are probably to big for the room and that i should go for a set of style speakers instead?maybe the kef kht205.2? i like to listen to music as much as i watch movies and just wandered how these 2 sets of spekers compare when playing music?? and would the kefs go allright with the onkyo and the marantz?or would i just as well go for a denon 1940 dvd with the smaller speakers as i chose the marantz over the denon for its better music playback??

i would be very gratefull to anyone with a bit more expierince in this field that could help me out!!!!

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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For music as well I'd go for the BR2s - and no, I don't think you'll have any great problems setting them up in a room that size. Stick with your original system plan.


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