Onkyo CR-715 + B&W 303s but any ideas for better new speakers?


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Aug 10, 2019
Got the Onkyo CR-715 DAB which sounds very good with B&W 303 speakers connected via QED Silver Anniversary cables, the speakers are mounted on Atacama Nexus stands. However the speakers are quite old and i was wondering if there was any newer models that you could recommend that would impove the sound quality and get more out of my onkyo system. I like B&W speakers although i am willing to look at other makes. B&W seem to have a good range of new speakers but i know nothing about them! I have a budget of up to £300 and am looking for stand mounted speakers not floor preferably not too large either. If you can recommed anything that would do the job then i would be grateful


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Oct 10, 2007
Hi there, I've got KEF Q1's and they're superb. KEF has replaced these with the iQ1 and these are supposed to be even better. There is also the iQ1's slightly bigger brother, the iQ3's (still standmounters, though). My KEF's are also mounted on Atacama Nexus stands, so you should get a similar performance. Hope this helps.


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