Onkyo 875 & Quad L-ite Speaker 5.1 but which cable??????


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Jan 12, 2008
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My 875 and Quad L-ite speakers arrive on Saturday. My main dilema now is what cabling to use - I realise this is a mine field!

I'm going to need approx 20m of cable for all speakers, with the longest run being about 8/9m to one of the rears. I'm also going to need banana plugs and a sub lead.

So - - what do I do? do I go for what everyone seems to go for and get something like the QED Silver Anniversary? or is going for a name pointless? is it going to give a noticable difference over high quality-non branded (74 strand) cabling?

Also, what about a sub lead? is it worth spending on this area as it's a specialist cable?

I know I've bought a good setup and don't want to ruin it with the final peice if the jigsaw - but I also don't want to spend over what is really necessary.

All opinions really really appreciated

please help?


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Jan 21, 2008
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Many posters on this site, the WHFSV Team and the cable manufacturers would say most definitely

There are many others who would say you'd be wasting your money and it's all in the mind.

The best advice would be for you to decide. Only spend what you think is worthwhile.

If I was on a tight budget I would get the best I could afford for the front left, right and centre speakers and get cheaper stuff for the rears. A cheaper lead for the sub would be another cost saver.

I have to say that if I had spent a £1K on a receiver and £500 on speakers (Superfi) I would not be skimping on speaker cables. Whether they sound better or not (to avoid arguments), I would be happier knowing that I had a bit of quality linking the system together.

The QED SA XT is currently in vogue for speaker cable. The Chord Calypso is touted (by Chord!) as a great choice for the longer runs needed for subwoofers.


apart from reading the reviews which take the guesswork out of choosing or narrowing down the options, why not look at what others in this forum have got? They all seem v switched on to me. I personally chose mine after i asked my local dealer what they used (i did have a look to make sure tho! Tehe).


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