Onkyo 875 Problem with Genserve and retailer please help


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Aug 10, 2019
I would really like to know if anyone could put me in contact with someone from Onkyo Uk.

To summarise I am without my Onkyo 875 It is damaged and it has been sat at Genserve for nearly a month awaiting parts. On its first repair I was advised by the retailer it was just as easy to contact Geserve to have it picked up directly as it would be to return it to store so this is what I have continued to do. It was purchased on the 14/03/2008 from Practical Hifi in Warrington which is now a seven oaks.

The amplifier has had a few breakdowns ie display fuse needing replacing Reon black level adjustment. Finally the latest problem has caused a lot of trouble.

It was picked up via Citylink at the beginning of March because it it was going into protection mode even with no load on the speaker terminals this I thought was lucky because the warranty was due to run out in about 2-3 weeks.

It was returned to me after being reset (I told them I already tried that) just as the warranty was due to expire. I plugged it in tested it, within 40 minutes it had gone into protection mode and refused to turn back on great!

I called back they said they would take a second look at it and and picked it back up, after a couple of calls to the Engineer they replicated the fault. Bit annoying but not a huge deal.

The amplifier was then sent back to me and upon unboxing it I saw there was a large dent on the lip of the Aluminium door plus a few more customary scratches.

At this point I wrote a letter to Genserve CCing Mark Cheffins, I received no response for a couple of days so I called Genserve and spoke to Richard the MD I believe he was very amicable and suggested I wait at least a couple of weeks before sending it back because Onkyo were moving their parts centre.

This next bit is my own fault I called them back on the twenty something of May to arrange collection, simply put I was really busy. The courier did not turn up so I called Genserve and they arranged a second pick up the following day.

After various calls it turns out that the door is out of stock because of the age of the amplifier. I asked what the next step would be and I was advised that if it went over twenty eight days the retailer would raise a credit for the amount paid.

Not ideal because I've seen the prices of the new THX ultra 2 Onkyo's but worth giving them I call. I spoke to a chap at Seven Oaks I think his name was Martin and he told me it was nothing to do with them as I had sent it directly to Genserve and I would have to take it up Onkyo and Genserve. I explained I had been advised to take it up with the store and he then told me the only thing I could do was claim off my own house contents insurance for third party damage??? At this point he was becoming irritated the final remark made was "its between Genserve and your loss adjuster".

So now I'm not sure what to do even it is repaired I'm not sure I even want it back because it has been hit with enough force to dent the metal door so who knows what other damage could have occurred.

I really don't want to go down the small claims route against the retailer or Genserve but it seems I may not have a lot of choice.

Any suggestions?


Hi Fatal

Can you PM with your contact details please, I am unhappy with the fact that you have been left in the lurch,

Mark C. Onkyo UK


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Mar 19, 2011
Nice one Andrew

Let's hope he gets a speedy repair or a replacement!


I found marks email and emailed my details over was hoping I'd get a call today after he responded within mere minutes. I will keep everyone posted


Hi Fatal,

Did you get this problem sorted out? I have a similar problem with Genserve. I sent in my Onkyo TX-SR309 Amp to have it's optical ports fixed as they were broken and when I received the Amp back, 4 screws were missing, the cage that surrounds the amp is bent from the top, all corners are damaged and the amp doesn't even turn on anymore. I have been going through Audio Visual Online as it was them whom I bought the Amp through.

Genserve have come back saying they didn't do anything to the amp damage wise but cannot confirm what state they received it in and what state they sent it out in. I am very furious at them as they are trying to blame me for the damage and it is clearly them in the wrong. When I sent the amp to Audio Visual Online it had no scratches on it and the only thing that was wrong was that the optical ports were not working.

Can anybody help me??


Sunny Nagra


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