Onkyo 609, Kef 3005se - Red Light on Sub Woofer


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Aug 10, 2019
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Completely new to all of this so please treat me gently cos I am struggling to understand it all!!!
Just set up Onkyo 609, with Kef 3005se, Panny 42GT, Panny 110, sky HD and an xbox 360.

The sub woofer (which I have hard wired although it is the wireless model) always has the red light on. The only way I have got it to turn blue is to go into the settings and go to the "Level Calibration", once scrolled to the sub it turns on and makes a sound. Then at some point later after working for a while goes back to red.

Any other pointers to set up appreciated, is there an idiots guide out there somewhere?

Thanks for any help


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Apr 12, 2008
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Hi Chris,

Your sub probably has an auto-power function, whereby it comes on only when fed a signal. Try playing some material with a .1 soundtrack and it should probably light up. This is quite normal.


The subwoofer will, from the Onkyo, only output any sound if the source material has information in the LFE (low frequencies) channel, and in addition, the Onkyo has settings for each set of speakers that sets a crossover frequency (ie: when the subwoofer takes over from the main speakers to play the low stuff).

The "going back to red" is most likely to do with power saving on the sub itself if it's not detected a signal for a while. My Mission MS8AS does that (goes from green to red) but at least then fires back up once it hits the low stuff.

It might be worth checking the speaker configuration (I assume you went through the Audyssey Room Correction/Speaker Setup) to ensure that the crossover frequencies have been set correctly - the manuals on the KEF spakers should give you an idea of what is good to set, and pages 46-47 of your Onkyo manual explains the settings on the receiver in more detail.

Once done, test it with a Blu-ray disc on your Panasonic 110 (preferably an action film for example) and you should see the sub kick in if everything's correct.


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