onkyo 608 or denon 2113


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Aug 10, 2019
hi guys

i'm about purches a "new" receiver to my set up and cant decide which one of them will be good to my set up and my needs, and i need you help for that.

my set up is:

f.speaker - cerwin vega e710

s.speaker - morel sp1

center.speaker - ess

source - usb, digital cables,blue ray

i usally use 60% of the time to listen to music , and 40% movies and ps3

the onkyo 608 is 2010 from a store show room with 2 years warrenty - cost 500$ (in israel)

the denon 2113 is 2013 also from a store show room 3 years warrenty - cost 800$ (in israel)

thank you for your help


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