Onkyo 606 Upscaling Question


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi guys!

Would just like to know that if I connect a SkyHD box to the onkyo using a HDMI cable, would the onkyo upscale ALL sky channels to 1080i. Also would the picture quality look significantly better. I plan on purchasing skyHD but am not too fond of paying the £10 per month for HD subscription so just wondered whether by connecting the HD box to the amp would all the sky channels (bbc1,bbc2, trouble etc...) be upscaled and would the picture be improved.

Thanks for the assistance

Pistol Pete1

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Jan 27, 2008
Hi ha-rooney01,

Hope this helps:

I have same amp (onkyo 606) and I feed a freeview signal via component leads into it. I use the upscaler to then feed the signal into my tv via HDMI. The picture quality is much better than the standard one, whether I use 1080i or 720p settings. My TV is only an HD ready one (panasonic TH 42 PX80) so it depends on what i am watching to whether I use 1080i or 720p.

Bottom line is that the upscaler works well with freeview, so i assume will for Sky too...