Onkyo 606 5.1 system configoration, please help!!!


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Aug 10, 2019
Can anyone give me info on may be an issue running a 5.1 system on my 606?

I read the step by step pages in the booklet, what seems unusual is it recommends a 5.1 speaker system being set up as follows....

1 front left, 1 front right, 1 centre 1 surround left, 1 surround right and of course a sub, this leaves out 1 rear left and 1 rear right which would be used only if you have a 7.1 set up., sounds ok so far.

But in the diagram it comments on what every postional pair of speakers do, and states that the rear left and right are nesseary for listening to 5.1 dts, neo e.t.c.

So after changing my suround left and right, to the rear left and right I ran the auto calibration again but as it goes through this it obviously does not pick up the first right surround speaker and goes on to rear right speaker as soon as it picks this up I get an error which says did not pick up the surround right, of course it wont, as I have wired up speakers to the rear connections,

Does this mean it will only finish the setup if

1. set up my speakers as it says in the booklet using surround instead of rear.

2. Or if I actually wire up a 7.1 system.

It looks like it is saying if I have only 5.1 speakers i have to leave the rears out, but the booklet saying these are needed for dts, neo e.t.c contradicts this.

Am I getting 5.1, surely Iam as any speakers not picked up/present the others take over the job.

Please help....

I find it strange that I cant hook up my speakers anyway I want, by missing out the surrounds for the rears.

Manual speaker configurment only deal with levels, treble, base e.t.c.

For info my rear speakers are about 6 to 12 inches behind my listening position each side of the settee, the manual states both rear and surround speakers are suitable for this.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
Yes, your set-up is fine, you just have to connect the rear speakers to the surround left and right for 5.1, not the surround back L/R.

The auto set-up is fine if there are speakers on the surround channels but not the surround backs, but not vice versa.

Where you physically place the speakers connected to the surround L/R channels is up to you, and shouldn't affect the automatic set-up.