Onkyo 605 / Virgin V+ /PS3 Connections


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Aug 10, 2019
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Can anyone give me a definitive answer as I am reading conficting information and I am getting confused.

I am feeding the tv using hdmi.
I have connected the V+ box to the amp using hdmi.
I have connected the PS3 to the amp using hdmi.
I have the PC connected to the TV via DVI and to the amp with standard 3.5mm to two phono/rca connectors.

Q. Do I need an optical audio connection to go from the V+ to the amp to get the most out of my amp or not or am I missing settings somewhere?

Q. Does the PS3 need an optical audio output or do I just need to use the PS3 settings to specify whats what?

Any help would be appreciated.


Not sure about the V+ box, I have one, but not connected to my 705. My ps3 is connected via HDMI only and I get all formats through, incl DD 5.1 from DVD. I guess try the V+ WITH hdmi and see. Does the 605 allow you to see the input format by using the display button on the remote? The 705 does so it is easy to confirm.


Thanks for your reply Dave.
I have only had the receiver for five days so am still getting used to it. I have been having trouble with the Audyssey setup system so am still playing around with it.

I initially only had Monitor Audio R270 front speakers connected but I got hold of two old Sony speakers last night so I could use some rear channels. I will have to keep saving for more speakers. This alone has meant the Amp has given me more options in the formats and outputs area. (e.g. I now get dts Neo 6, which I didn't previously have on offer).

I am curious to know whether I need this optical cable for the V+ to enable me to get the best out of what equipment I do have.

Obviously, long term, I will be buying more speakers and a sub so things will only improve I imagine. Perhaps the other formats will appear with the introduction of more speakers.

Would love to hear some opinions on this.

Many thanks


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