Onkyo 605 and Quad L-ite problem


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi, I am pretty new to the Home Cinema game and am hoping that someone can give me some much needed advice! Just set-up my new Onkyo 605 and QUAD L-ite speakers but am having problems running the Auto speaker setup programme. After running it several times I am only picking up the Sub-woofer with all the satellites and centre speakers showing as an error. Have checked all the connections and they seem fine. The Speakers are all working when DVD is running although I am not that happy with the sound. QUAD L-ites have an impedence of 6 Ohms - could this be confusing the amp? Could the mic be faulty? Am I being a bit dense? All help is appreciated!

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
Completely baffling, that one. Try a complete reset of the receiver - hold down the DVD/VCR selector and press the power button - then run the automatic set-up again, but if that doesn't work it sounds like a return to wherever you bought it.


Finally got to the bottom of the problem - it was me! I hadn't connected the Quads with the banana plugs correctly. Fixed this and ran the auto set-up which worked perfectly although my sub seems a bit high - 10Db! Will probably adjust after a view trials with different DVD's but it sounds fantastic so far.

Thanks for you help - both on this issue and on other threads which helped me enormously in choosing my Home Cinema system. What Hi-fi magazine also proved invaluable so a big thanks to all the team!


Hi andrew,

you are my only last chance:)

I bought onkyo HT-R508. I spent nearly two days to try to get the sound through speakers. I still couldn't get a sound from my ps3.

Actually I tried nearly every solution that I could do and tried troubleshooting through the manual. But I think I am missing the point at DTS settings. I am able to see the picture from ps3 1080p with no trouble. I can hear the sound from my tv through amplifier aswell. But no sound from my speakers. Also my speakers are all correctly connected because I am able to listen to my I pod through the onkyo amplifier..

My connections are:

hdmi cable from tv to onkyo hdmi out.
hdmi cable from ps3 out to onkyo hdmi in 1
digital optical cable from ps3 to onkyo digital optical in1 (i did this just incase also tried it with out aswell)

The dvd which plays in ps3 is DTS feature. I also did the sounds setting from the dvd menu to DTS 5.1 and also tried 5.1 doulby digital aswell.

I also did my auto microphone settings and didn't have any problem.

I am looking forward to hear a advice from you,

Thank you vey much,



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