onkyo 515 hifi or Denon DM35DAB


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Only you can answer that!!

Personally, when I purchased my CS-515 I found it to be much more convincing than the Denon, although I'd strongly recommend picking up the Onkyo unit without speakers for about £230 and spending money on some decent speakers. The Onkyo speakers are OK but combining the unit with something from the likes of Q Acoustics, Tannoy or Monitor Audio (I picked up my Bronze 2s for £130 brand new) will give you significantly better sound. Many hi-fi dealers stock both the Denon and Onkyo units so book a demonstration and ask to try different budget speakers with each to see which you prefer.


thanks alot matt i didnt know that they do demonstrations with a mixture of speakers... i will deffinately go and do that this week.

I have my eye on monitor audio speakers at the moment because like u said the speakers that come in the package look a bit crappy..

I have seen a deal on the onkyo and acoustic speakers for 300