olive 4hd dac versus supernait dac or a separate dac


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Feb 8, 2010
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This is my first post on this forum I'm currently running the following and would like advice on whether I should invest in a separate DAC,or is there another configuration I could try my question was stimulated by the system builder in the August issue of WHF:

Naim Supernait (10 months old), Olive 4HD, Naim power supply (12 years old), PMC LB1 speakers, 2 Wireworld Stratus 5 Power (Olive & Supernait), Lindy Power block, Clearer Audio, Silver-line™ 75 Digital 1 Interconnect Cable WBT 0110 Ag nextgen RCA Plugs, Chard Carnival Silver Screen speaker cables, Chord Indigo Jumper Cables , Audio Technica ATH W1000x headphones and Graham Slee Novo headphone amplifier.



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Aug 21, 2009
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Bryan, welcome to the forum.

That's a nice looking system you have there.

What aspect of your system are you trying to improve or not happy with? What music do you like, and are room acoustics/speaker positioning a factor?

Sorry for all the questions - but it might lead to a more relevent answer.

I've heard the various parts of your system, but never together - so can't give detailed advice. I'll leave that to others with direct experience.


Dan Turner

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Jul 9, 2007
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Hi Bryan - welcome.

As a fellow SuperNait user I am happy with my Sonos going in to the SN DAC, but I would imagine that the Olive has a pretty good DAC in it, so if you can I'd see if your dealer has an RCA to DIN cable available to try at home on demo and try connecting the Olive to the SN via analogue and see which you prefer.

I think that the chances that anyone else will have done this exact comparison are fairly slim, so I think you're going to have to do it to know for sure.

Also worth sticking this question on the Naim forum too.

By the way - try plugging your SN and power supply (Hi-cap I assume) straight in the wall sockets if you have enough spare and you aren't already doing so - that's the easiest upgrade for any Naim amplifier!




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