Old school Techniks speakers and now £1000!


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello folks,

I currently have some Techniks 860 speakers connected to a £25 pound eBay old school Cambridge Audio amp. My guess is that technology has moved on a bit. I've set aside £1000 to improve this situation. And I've just moved to a detached house, so my question is: is £1000 enough to create a home cinema/hifi system that can justify getting rid of my speakers and amp and make the most of the detached house? If so, what kit to buy with this money?

The truth is that I've been reading this forum and looking on various sites, but still get worried when I read (the central speaker needs to match the front two, etc). It seems like a mind field to be honest. All I want is to be able to have good surround sound when watching films and a decent hifi for listening to my music. Added bonuses would be to be able to stReam music from my pc (controlled by an iPad/iPhone/android phone) and for it to sound great. I've read about the Onkyo 609 (AirPlay isn't essential if there's another method (especially if there's an app for the android phone I have) ), and this seems good...but obviously I imagine I'm going to have to ditch the Techniks once and for all and buy all the necessary speakers (2 front, 2 rear, etc).

Seriously, any advice would be appreciated (I really am lost on this one).




Hi there

Do you need only the amp and speakers or do you need everything dvd/blu ray player? if so a £1000 wont buy you alot but if not you could get a system like this TXNR509 and KHT 2005.3 from hi fix (and they slightly better pack if you feel like you want to strech your budget) and i think it includes free cable all for under your budget. Not bad me thinks!. You could even keep your other older speaker for stearo use in another room as the this amp multi room function. just an idea.

Or this AVR1912 and KHT2005.3 but a little tiny bit over budget but the amp gets really good reviews as well. All from the same site.


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