Old budget amplifer with new budget floorstanders.


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Aug 10, 2019
Recently purchased the Q acoustics 1010i and the 1050i. These are running on 2 different systems with the 1010i being run from a technics su-a800mk2 (55wpc) and the 1050i with a su-a900mk2 (90wpc). The 1010i sound amazing (at least to my ears!) but I do believe that part of this is to do with them being wall mounted . The 1050i also sounds good but doesnt seem to have the same effect as its sibblings. The bass seems a little flat compared with my older speakers and the sound starts to feel muddled as they are turned up, im not sure if its my amp that doesnt work well with these.

I am using a technics sl-ps7 cd player and Qed qunex interconnect with qed silver anniversary speaker cable. I was wondering If it would make much difference replacing my su-a900mk2 with the pioneer a400? I refuse to believe the speakers cant sound better so Im also stuck with the dilemma of thinking are my speakers faulty? is it a possiblilty that as the volume is turned up the crossover gets more power heats up and something happens to the sound. But I doubt 2 seperately packed speakers are both going to have the same problem.

Any advice?

I am willing to consider other amps as long as they are available in black and have more then enough power to run the 1050i.


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Dec 23, 2007
Please forgive me. Sometimes when speakers sound the way that you describe they have been connected out of phase. In other words the positive and negative are reversed on one speaker. Just for piece of mind - check that it hasn't happened to you. It has happened to most of us

The other thing to do is to swop amps over to see what happens.

Best of luck


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