Oh my, what to do.....


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Mar 11, 2005
OK, I have a grand in my paypal account, and a pretty ugly, though loved but not in a I would never sell you kind of way Cyrus CD6SE. I have tried a speaker change and ooh no thanks, I thought the spennies were class when I got them, now I know they are.K2 is as agood a buy for the price I paid of £700 last year, though I have some options, firstly the supernait, secondly a blind purchase of a Primare i30, and thirdly a mad mad option of a leema tucana.

I like power, scale, authority; these are words that fit well with the sounds that I like to hear. Superficially you might assume not that demanding, in truth just so, for despite my fondness for all things Gibson and Valves, there is nothing quite like listening to a jazz qtet that are right on the nail.

Soooo, anyway some options, I could dispose the K2 for a conservative £400 and find a used primare, or something similarly exciting used; I could dispose of the Cyrus for a tad more and go down the Laptop / Mac route with DAC (magic or new Arcam). I want to keep the spendors, as speakers are like pets, you grow to love them, even when they sh*t on the carpet and upset the neighbours. I like the Cyrus but not in a family way - I feel no loyalty to it. Which leaves the K2, to me its like a big gentle brother of NAD, so smilar yet so much more refined, the same loud when you want loud but controlled, the same sense of unbreakable made from solid billets and powered by dilithium crystals. If sound perception is a mental state, then I am in nirvana...but, what to do with that lot burning a hole....?

Craig M.

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Mar 20, 2008
i had the cd6se and i30 on home dem about a year ago, through dyn focus110. i have to say i found it a cold sounding partnership, particularly female vocals.

if it was me, i'd go for the mad, mad option.

the record spot

Mine. Except you need to buy your own.
£200. Beats the Leema Pulse (just) and build is second to none.

(But you will love it - ticks all your preferred boxes, rocks like a good 'un, does refinement, is oh so natural and has power on tap to die for.)



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