Oh dear oh dear oh dear - Arcam 7SE system mismatch


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Jul 25, 2011
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On the bright side, the Arcam 7SE CD player only set me back £20. Sold as not working, I cleaned off years of nicotine from the laser, dropped a bit of oil on the rails and she came up like new.

The problem is the sound. In my system, the arcam sounds leaden. The mids are fine, the treble not too forward, but the bass plods along like me during a marathon. No pace, no timing, rhythm there but a bit behind where it should be.

On classical the dynamics are fine but lack snap where required. On Asteroid Galaxy tour the sound becomes depressing. Poor Shakira wilts along, and while her hips probably don't lie, on the Arcam rendering there wouldn't be too many interested.

I'm exaggerating of course, but this CD player is too laid back even for me. I wouldn't mind too much, but it's the bass that is annoying; I've said it plods along, but really what it lacks is control. Given what I've read about the Arcam DAC, I'm wondering whether that might be an Arcam trait with their digital gear.

Oh well, I'll plug the Blu Ray player back in, and send the Arcam off to ebay where a more understanding person can appreciate its virtues. Looks like I'll be saving for the CD5i after all.