Obscure HiFi brands


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Mar 3, 2010
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In the late 1970s, my dad, after going through a period of building his own speakers with varying degrees of sonic success, bought a pair of Wren floorstanders from his HiFi dealer. They were typical ‘HiFi speakers’ of the day: three-way with a large bass driver (12” I think), built into veneered cabinets with fixed cloth grilles. I remember their grilles had a small metal badge in the top right hand corner with a picture of a wren on them. I also remember they cost him £80, which wasn’t exactly pocket-money in 1978. However, I have never heard of the brand since then, and Googling has found nothing either. I was to eventually trade them in for a pair of MkII Wharfedale Diamonds when I was putting together my very first ‘proper’ HiFi as a teenager.

Also in the 1970s, but several years before he bought the Wrens, my dad acquired a Goodwood integrated amp. He was friendly with a singer in a local big-band and he took the amp in exchange for a pair of AKG mikes which his friend had taken a shine to. It too was typical of its day, being built into a wooden enclosure, with a black metal front and chrome-rimmed knobs for source, bass, treble and volume. Flick-switches provided toggles for Power, ‘Tepe Moni’ (tape monitor), and the obligatory Loudness and Mono. It even had a ‘X-Tal’ input on the back for ceramic cartridges. Again, I haven’t been able to find out anything about this brand, and I haven’t ever seen any other electrical components branded as Goodwood. This amp still survives in my dad’s loft.


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Sep 29, 2011
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The shame is we don't get to hear more about them (hint hint WHF) ... It would be fascinating to hear about the hifi path less trodden.


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Oct 1, 2011
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Keesonic - Maker of the Kub, popular small (and relatively cheap) speaker in the the late 70's/80's. They made a few bbc style monitor designs, like the K.B.M (Keesonic Broadcast Monitor) and K.R.M (Keesonic Reference Monitor) as well as the Kolt, a direct competitor to the LS3/5A used in mobile Broadcast applications.



KORD - Maker of Studio monitors, the 'Tornado' and smaller ' Vulcan'. Based on Volt BM220DS 8" Mid bass and Scan Speak D2008 tweeters.



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