NU-VISTA my first truly high end hifi


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Aug 10, 2019
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Ive been seriously into hifi for 20 years now, i used to have a stall on a flea market about 16 years ago and becuase i knew less than i do now i used to practicaly give the stuff away, i still regret selling those speakers for 20 quid that looked like heaters, oh yeah that was em QUADS!!! but now im alot wiser as age also brings experience, looking through the books ive probably had over 10 thousand separates and speakers through my fingers over the past 20 years, my knowledge now is vast without sounding too spoilt and im at the point now where i can just glance at an hifi and instantly know if its good/ave/fair/rubbish, there are surprises though that come along from time to time, i decided to sell my 70s "spec" pioneer rack system complete with HPM100 speakers and pioneer 909 reel to reel and trade them in for something special, i wasnt going to throw away all that classic pioneer for your average hifi, well along came musical fidelity nu-vista a limited run of 500 intergrated amps and 3d cd players, i had to have it, i then contemplated some serious speakers, in the end i opted for the 80kg a piece proac 3.5, theyre getting on but have only done about 20 hours and are in immaculate order, then i chose nordost super flatline pure copper cables and interconnects, i didnt approve of the nuvista cables, they just didnt seem to bring out the best for me, the system needless to say is sublime and well worth selling the pioneer for.


My first foray into up market hi-fi has been the Musical Fidelity A5 amp and the Nu Vista CD3 (both purchased from Ebay and in mint condition). they are hooked up to my Mission 753 Freedoms but i'm struggling to decide on which new speaker cables to go for to hear them at their best as the stuff I am using at present is very old and I can't even tell you the make.