Noob requires some assistance with new SONY STR-2400ES issues


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi All

Happy New Year!!

As a treat I updated my Arcam AVR 200 to a Sony STR-2400ES as I don't have the money to go any higher at the moment and this amp seemed to be the best for the price. I used my AVR200 as a home cinema amp as well as playing my music through it and it did a cracking job with my Kef eggs but is now limited to what it can do and I suppose you have to move with the times - connectivity issues mainly...

I have connected everything up to my new amp - PS3, XBOX360, Plasma etc. and whilst I am trying to understand the mind boggling manual, I am having an issue with the PS3. I use my PS3 for virtually everything now - DVD, music, video, CDs, MP3, web etc. It's connected via an HDMI cable and I can get a picture but cannot get the usual sounds from the PS3 like the keytone or sounds whilst previewing a game in the menu - in fact there are no sounds whatsoever from the PS3 when in the menu system. If I start a game or a DVD then I get sound.

Also, if I play a CD or an MP3 via the PS3 I have to switch to "music" mode which sounds awful because you only seem to be able to get the horrible "set" sounds like Stadium, Hall and Jazz etc. - I don't want them! I just want to play music normally.

Can anyone give me a heads up on why this doesn't work? Am I being a complete idiot and missing something??

Any help is much appreciated!!



Hi there,

Just bought one of these yesterday whiched connected up fine with my PS3.

You do have to follow the manual on a step by step basis in order to achieve the right result. But when you do they are superb.

Ensure your PS3 is connected through HDMI Blu ray input at the back of the amp.

However it sounds like the problem lies with the PS3. Have you rechecked your settings as you might of by accident switched off the keytone sounds. Otherewise have tried a different HDMI cable as sometimes this remidies problems

It could be as simple as that.



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Dec 28, 2007
First things first, have you changed the Audio Output settings to tell the PS3 to output sound via the HDMI as opposed to the optical / AV multi-out you were using before?


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