Newcomer advice for speaker setup on £350 budget


Nov 22, 2020
Hello everyone,

I am a complete novice when it comes to hifi speakers. I am looking to buy some speakers for a vinyl player but it would be great if I could connect via bluetooth too. Maybe even TV input but this isn't essential. I have identified 4 options and would really appreciate some advise, or tips to improve option 1.

In terms of price, I don't want to spend over £350 so option 2 is my upper limit. Among the three options, is the difference in price mirrored by the difference in quality?

I was thinking of the following two options and would really appreciate some expert guidance.

Option 1 (Passive speaker plus cheapish pre amp and amp)
Dali Spektor 1 (£159.99 amazon)
Behringer PP400 Microphono Ultra Compact Phono Preamp (£19.99 amazon)
Fossi audio BT20 TPA3116 amp (£59.99 amazon)
Total: £240

Option 2 (Active speaker)
Klipsch R-41PM (£349.99)

Option 3 (Active speaker)
Pioneer DJ DM-40BT (£179.00)

Option 4
Something like a sonos or bose bluetooth speaker system.

Thank you very much in advance!
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May 30, 2015
I'd add Akai RPM500 actives to the mix - looks are rather Marmite, so you'll either love them or hate them - but the sound is really rather good for a small speaker. The bigger 800s were good as well, but over your budget.

The 500s retail for about £160 a pair (but often less for NOS or used), which leaves you £50 for the Arylic S10 streamer, forget Bluetooth on this one, but wireless is very impressive. Great app to go with it too which is also important. Your phono pre and then a passive preamp for about £120. Plenty of options, but don't forget cables and an adapter if you go down the Akai route. 1/4" or XLR are your options there I think, so you'll need an OR a passive pre with XLR outs and RCA in. JBL's SM Pro II has this but check prices.


Nov 24, 2013
If I was on a really tight budget I'd be looking at a 2nd hand Nad D3020 with built in bt and a pair of q acoustics, Dali or Monitor audio cheapo bookshelves either new or 2nd hand. Should come in at around your budget. You can add a cheap as chips phono stage of your choice for a nice compact set up


Nov 22, 2020
Thank you knaithrover and record_spot. Thats some really useful advise. Really like the look of the acrylic streamer. Going to see if I can get my hands on a NAD D3020 because they look great.

Thanks again !


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Mar 17, 2013
In no way option 1

You get very inefficient speakers 83 db with 2x25 watt max in 4 ohm with the stock power supply (19 volt), that option is only good for low background music or a non action movie, spektor 1 lacks bass

Only 1 input and bluetoothe so you can use with the phono pream and your phone or pc with bluetooth if you wnat to connect it to your tv you have to switch cable everytime when you want sound from your or turntable

Option 2 not alot of bass

Option 3 Again not alot of bass

Ridiculous low price

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