Newbie Question #2


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Aug 10, 2019
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Again I apologise for the potentially idiocy of what I am about to ask:

Onkyo 605 on order and as I am rennovating my living room I am intending to "hide" the speaker wires behind the plaster and link up through a wall plate and keep everything nice and tidy. Initially I will be watching movies etc on one wall but I am intending in the not too distant future to get a projector which will work on the wall to the right of my plasma (i.e. if I am facing the plasma, the wall immediately to my right.

So the question is when I change from plasma to projector will I have to change the connections at the wall plate or can I tell the Onkyo that I am now facing in a different direction and to reallocate the speakers accordingly......

Just trying to get an idea of how the wiring and access needs to work?


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Think I've fathomed this one out.

Best way round this is to set up your hidden wiring for both configurations.

So if you're planning a 7.1 set-up with four rear speakers, three at the front and a subwoofer, you'll need to have wall--plates front and back with four outlets and a subwoofer connection, and an eight-connector speaker plate behind your amp location, plus two subwoofer connections.

That way you can hook it all up now, and you'll just have a redundant speaker outlet at the front and a spare subwoofer connection at the rear.

Then when you do the big room spin you can just change over all the connections on the back of the amp and you'll have the same set-up, with the same redundant connections, just the other way round.

If you're only going to do 5.1, you can do the same with three connections and a subwoofer hook-up front and back.

I'm going to have a lie-down now!