Newbie Kef Q300 and Marantz PM6004 combo


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all

Its been a while since i treated myself, so I thought I would upgrade my crappy £20 logitech PC speakers to something better.

What started off as small upgrade has snowballed to the extent that I am now seriously considering the Kef q300 with the PM6004. The B&W 685 are also an option...I bought today a HRT Music Streamer II and a set of Custom Design RS300's as i play exclusively through my PC.

So much information on this site that i'm finding it hard to make my mind up.

I have read good posts about this amp -speaker combo, now all ineed is some speaker cables, I heard that the Kefs like to be biwired does anyone have any suggustions as to which ones would be a good match?

One other thing my room is quite small but will be moving in 2013, any advice on postioning?

Overall my budget is 1000.

Thanks in advance


One other thing, i will need cables to from the DAC to the Amp, any advice?


Picking this combo up tomorrow from my dealer to demo over the weekend running from the pre-out on my AVR so should be able some feed back early next week. What size and shape is your room?


Hi, appreciate the reply,

the room i'm in now is just over 3m by 2m and rectangle , god it sounds even smaller than it is when written down! I would be interseted to know what cables you use to get the best out of it (if you buy it)

Many thanks


Hey guys this is my first post here . :wave:

i wanna say to uffizzi that i was in same position about a year ago when i was buying my first hi-fi (also going from Logitech 4.1 sistem)

my budget was around 1000 euro and i went to a local dealer to see some speakers and amps .

and i finnaly have 3 speakers in shortlist but i did buy my nad amp cuz it was in budget and i really liked sound of amp

so my first speaker was MA rx1 i really liked this speaker and was hoping to work well in my room , but it didnt work really well in my room too much bass (boomy),so i went back and took KEF Q300 great speaker , but it was even worse (in my room) this 2 speaekrs was really good on low

volume levels but on normal levels (a bit louder) was just too much bass really and i like bass.

so my last speaeker was KEF Q100 and all i can say wow evrything was better bass,soundstage . i was really happy

so my advice would be to try all speakers in ur home really thats the only way and i see ur room is smaller than mine (3mX4m)

and i think that Q300 is just to big for ur room , but u can try it anyway and also check Q100 i really think this is right speaker for u


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