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Aug 10, 2019
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Firstly Hello! What a lovely forum you have here. I feel I'm going to spend hours trawling through all the information on here, and much better for it I'm sure I'll be!

I have two main questions, but first I'll give you a quick rundown of my current system.

Cambridge Audio Azure 540A amp,

Pro-Ject Essential Turntable with Nad PP2 Pre

Samsung HD950 DVD (I use this for CDs but I have to be honest, I seldom use it)

Mission M33 floorstanders

Q Acoustic 2010s (I use these in the bedroom currently!)

I use QED cable throughout.

Anway, I have two main things I want to change. I'd like a new cartridge for the essential. I feel records are at the moment slightly limp, still very enjoyable, but I've been looking at the Ortofon M2 Red. Can anyone who has heard one comment on a noticable improvement in low mid "punch"?

Secondly, I'd like to get some new floor standers soon. The Missions have been wonderfully faithful and have never let me down but the more I listen to them the more I feel like I am yearning for more. Tonally, they are almost right on the button. I find they are much more forgiving than the Q acoustics on tracks that perhaps arent recorded as well as they should be but still retain an air of clarity and poise. The new Mission MX3's look lovely and could be exactly what im after, however I have only managed to demo the mx1's which had the same in your face precision and ever so slight compression that I find with my 2010 Qs, is this just the nature of bookshelf vs standmounts in this price range? If so I would also be interested in the Q acoustic 2050s...

So much to think about!

Anyway, any and all help is much appreciated. I shant be diving into anything to soon so if there is anything in the appropriate price range I should be looking at please let me know!

Thanks for Listening to me ramble!



If you can, go have a listen to the Monitor Audio RX1's or if you can stretch, the RX6's. They have a very warm presentation and I didn't find them to be bad at handling bad recordings at all. The general consensus is that floorstanders often sound smoother and a bit more forgiving.


From what you have said I would have thought the new Castle Knight series would be a good audition. very well made with those characteristic you are after. Anyway the only to find out is to audition.


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