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Aug 10, 2019
Hi i wonder if i could get some answers on a couple of issues.

I have a pretty good picture from my Philips 28" crt tv fed thru std Sky tv package, but i'm looking to upgrade, 1st to a home cinema setup, then upgrade the TV at a later date ( funds permitting)

The TV has no hdmi only scart and red/yellow/white input, given that
most of my watching is thru Sky and not DVD,what are my best options, I
have been looking at the Sony STRDG820 and the Yamaha DSPAX763 , + Jamo A10 speakers would
these units be compatiblewith the TV ? and would there be a better all round listening experience.

Having thought to upgrade the TV I've spent a few hours trolling thru Sony , Curries etc viewing the new models 37"-40" LCD and while the picture quality in HD & Blue-ray is fantastic I've noticed that the picture quality when fed thru non HD source seems to be somewhat worse quality than my old Philips CRT ! especially when watching football or action scenes, fast movement etc. This was even discernable on the new Sony KDL-40W4500! . Why is my picture more stable ?

Basically I dont want to spend the "hard earned" and be disappointed having bought the wrong kit, so any help and input would be greatly appreciated, also any info on the required leads .


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Nov 15, 2008
The Yamaha will sound better than the Sony full stop. The Jamos are fantastic little speakers but obviously are limited in what they can achieve by their very size. Moving up to larger speakers should obviously give more improvements, so also consider the budget offerings from Mordaunt Short e.g. the Carnival and Avant Prem ranges etc. The Q-Acoustics range are also worth checking out and the Quad L-ites are worth a look if you can still find them.


Recently upgraded from a Philips all in one system to the Yamaha763 and Jamo package. The difference was huge! I dont think you will find a better package for £500. Might be worth checking out the KEF range aswel. If your looking for speakers good with music at around the same price then the Q Acoustic 1050i package could be an option. To be honest the real difference I notice with blu ray is the sound quality. Yes the picture is awesome, but not dramatically better than upscaled DVDs. As for leads, the jamos dont come with cable so something like QED micro is a good budget cable. The pack does include a sub lead but I opted to upgrade it to a QED cable, only about £20. Hope thats of some help!


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